May 15, 2012 Insert

Dr. Bennett has prevailed upon me, during a period when he is dealing with health issues, to enter a minor insertion of major importance here in his website.  A new insight he has reached is stated briefly as:  Energy is unpredictably innovative, therefore the future cannot be fully mathematizable.


Submitted at John’s request, in the full expectation he will expand and develop further -

Mark Manning



First, please click on Prologue in the sidebar to see the video.
Then click on Worldview Eyelemica for elaboration.

What you will find, in brief, is the potential application of science to the
creation and long-term survival of a high, intelligent global civilization
on Earth, such as to render man a creature of enduring cosmic value
rather than an extinction-bound cosmic pollutant.

If you value truth more that wealth, glory, and/or power, go to Truth Loop.