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I have had the pleasure and head-stretching opportunity to read multiple drafts as John’s thoughts have evolved in recent years.

I expect to post multiple items on this page.

As a beginning, let me say that I have struggled with institutional religion most of my life, and for me find it wanting. The ceremonies, prayers, etc. seem to be addressed to some body/thing/force who might be “listening.” And if moved by the words or actions, the hearer might intervene and cause something to happen.

I just am unable to accept a universe in which this kind of god is real.

The Christian stories are extraorodinary stories, inspiring to many people.  Not me.
My wife regularly points out that I have a view that is stuck at the level of a 5 year old. Could be, but it’s the best I can do so far (I’m now 67).

The notion that Everything Is Energy means that my emotions, my thoughts, and my religious struggles are also all energy — in various forms of change, nothing more, nothing less.

Eyelemics makes it clear that religious thoughts and feelings are as legitimate as all others. Neither science nor religion has a special standing in the universe. What matters is that both come from the same stuff. “Recycled star stuff” is a phrase I have heard attributed to Brian Swimme.

Anyway, the extreme urgency of the need for change in human behavior on this planet enables me to accept

— more later –

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    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snusinhe.

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