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Thanks Mark:  My website,, is about the application of a “great truth” to a “great problem” via Worldview Eyelemica, a post-scientific Theory of Everything, which takes a look far ahead. The “great truth” is that Everything from matter to mind is energy, with infinite emergent possibilities and infinite potential for change of mode, spiritual or physical. Underlying Worldview Eyelemica are expansions of the concepts of energy and of open thermodynamic systems, easily understood by intelligent youth.

Early in the 19th century mathematization of the energy concept prompted a great enrichment of Newtonian physics. Here in the 21st century I venture a “transmathematization” of the concept which embraces all phenomena, spiritual as well as physical. This expansion was presaged in the 1890s by Wilhelm Ostwald, Nobel chemist of 1909, in describing energy as a “sublime clay.” No deeper insight into Nature has ever been attained: a great “aha” experience awaits those who get it.

The “great problem” is to replace the present global madhouse with an enduring high global civilization.

The first step thereto is global education in Worldview Eyelemica, in the context of the disclosure by modern science that we, as conscious beings, are the upshot, so far, of a multibillion year bioevolution in an open thermodynamic stellar system. An ultimate consilience (unification of knowledge) follows, based on modes of energy and their changes, which could restore the university from the multiversity, and so foster a global mindset conducive to world order: An education that tells us of our place in Nature, and suggests a raison d’etre: to perpetuate high consciousness, whereby the Cosmos comes to know Itself ever better, heeding Gottfried Keller: Trink, O Auge, was die Wimper hält/von dem goldnen Ûberfluss der Welt (Drink, O eyes, what the eyelids hold / of the golden overflow of the world). All aided by the stunning inference from the “great truth” that energy has forever the potentiality for high consciousness, though far from all at once. An education that  points toward the unitary mindset prerequisite to good planetary management.

Peace and plenty for all will not come without global education in scientific truth. Maybe never. Yet, Worldview Eyelemica at least offers an approach. Were we to cultivate young minds with it the world over, it could move us toward the goal of truly compassionate and intelligent life in an enduring high global civilization.

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