Mark Manning

Allow me the pleasure of introducing Dr. John Bennett. He describes himself as a “dark horse guru”, in the dictionary sense of an “intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern”, like What are we? Where do we come from? Where do we go? What to do? Not do? Why? What about God? What about Money? He is a Stanford alumnus, with a baccalaureate in physics and a doctorate in biology, with teaching experience at every grade level from kindergarten through graduate school, including college level at Stanford, Penn, San Francisco State, San Jose State, and the University of Vienna, where he was a Fulbright fellow. The world-class mathematician George Polya said he could make a mathematician of him, but recognized that he was more truly a philosopher. One of his graduate students told him he was “one of those guys who knows everything,” but he says it’s closer to the truth that he’s “one of those guys with a smattering of ignorance in everything”. In any case, he has something highly important to teach us all. Welcome, Dr. Bennett.

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